What You Need To Keep Minnows Alive

Fishing has been enjoyed by people for centuries. The experience of being connected to nature, and the thrill of the catch, are the things that fishermen dream of. Even though this is an ancient sport, people are always coming up with new techniques and equipment to improve it even more. Following is some advice that may help you be more successful with your fishing.

If you are using shad and bottom fishing, cut the tail off the shad before baiting your hook. This will keep the bait from spinning around your line on the way down to the bottom, and can therefore help you to prevent tangles. Moreover, cutting the tail releases a scent that will lure fish to it.

Fishing along the shoreline of a river or lake can yield amazing results. This is the best place for insect-eating fish to find food, so keep your lure close to the edge where you should get plenty of bites. The number of weeds along the shore make snagging your line more likely, so be careful.

When you are fishing, stay quiet. Loud noises often spook fish quickly. If you must communicate with another person, try to do so in a voice that is no louder than a soft whisper; this will greatly increase your chances for success.

To make your earthworms more appealing to fish, fatten them up the evening before you go fishing. Let your worms, laying inside a flat container, sit in a refrigerator overnight. Cooler temperatures combined with higher humidity helps fatten worms.

Many expert fishermen use lighter grubs. Gray, chartreuse, white or yellow grubs are especially effective. Translucent grubs, which contain metal flecks, reflect light and increase your chances of success. If you are having a hard time catching anything, use a grub that matches the water color.

When you’re planning a fishing outing, be sure your tackle box has a very sharp knife inside it. This item is very important and can become quite a problem if you forget about it. You want your knife to be sharp, rust resistant and of high quality.

For beginners who want to try something else besides earthworms, spinnerbait is the way to go. Water that is dimly lit, such as the murky shallows around a dock or the shaded water under tree branches, is particularly well suited to these lures. Usually bass is caught with spinner bait, but crappie also is caught on it sometimes.

It is crucial that you know what kind of fish you want to catch so you can use the proper bait to attract them. For example, catfish are drawn towards raw chicken liver, while bream prefer insects, like crickets. If the bait you use is wrong, you will not have any success trying to catch that fish.

Quality Rod

Don’t skimp on quality when buying a fishing rod. A lower quality rod is far more likely to break under duress. You will save money in the long run by buying one high-quality rod rather than multiple low-quality ones.

One of your best friends, when you fish, are clouds. If the day is overcast, less light enters the water, and fish are forced to swim around more in search of food. Bright colored or scented baits may work better on cloudy days to help the fish find them. There is one caveat to this piece of advice, however. If the water is too cold, the fish may not be very active and you’ll likely not catch much.

Fish Finders

Whenever fishing on a boat, it is important to use your fish finder to help locate ideal spots. Fish finders use sonar to locate small schools of fish. However, many fishermen choose not use fish finders. The idea of using this type of aid is that some people feel it takes the fun away from fishing.

Do not panic when you hook a big fish. Don’t waste energy reeling in a fleeing fish. Relax and let the drag of the rod and the flow of the water do the work. Set your drag only once your hook is fully set in your fish. Hold your fishing pole at a 45-degree angle and aim it at the fish.

Fishing will never go out of style as a fun and exciting hobby. Bring these tips along the next time you go fishing. Try a new trick each day and you might be more successful at fishing for it!